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The Human Resources department of SACPL is pleased to announce the successful completion of its first ever 2 day Offsite retreat. With a distinguished record of having completed 1 day gatherings in the past, we tried something new and have seen a successful outcome of such a retreat.

Having moved to a fully remote work model since March 2020, the team members got a chance to meet each other in person after almost 3 years and the outcome was fruitful, fun with a lot of memories and energy for us to keep repeating these in the future.

To those who unfortunately couldn’t be a part of it, we missed you. We hope you could be a part of the next offsite retreat as we plan to do a lot more.

Listed below are a few highlights of the retreat.

1.Location - A couple of hours away from the city, we went to this farmhouse, Jashan Farms. The fresh air and open space was helpful for a productive weekend.

2.Meet & Greet - Everyone got a chance to meet with team members who came from across the country. A few exchanges with everyone got the ball rolling.

3.Formal sessions - The team members got a chance to share their journey with SACPL. Our founding Chairman, Mr. Suresh Shanghvi presented the SACPL journey till date and the key milestones for getting where we are today. The teams got a chance to collectively discuss the challenges and come up with great suggestions to overcome them. The relaxed atmosphere away from regular operations helped everyone to come up with a lot of great ideas which we wish to take forward. After seeing the overwhelming positive response from all our team members, we have decided to regularly have such retreats and would expect maximum participation from everyone. We finished the formal session with a Reward & Recognition program. Considering that we couldn’t do it in the past 3 years, SACPL had decided to reward all nominees that were put forth post the joint discussion with all managers & team leaders.

4.Other activities - The farmhouse came equipped with a lot of Indoor and Outdoor games options along with a pool and a walkway. The team members got a chance to enjoy a few friendly games of Cricket, Table tennis, Carom etc. The party in the evening had a round of Housie and by shaking a leg by a few of our team members. To sustain us all throughout the weekend, we had fantastic food which gave everyone a chance to interact with other teams informally and the place was buzzing with positive vibes.

Once again, we would like to thank each one of you for making this event successful. Wish you a Happy Diwali and a prosperous New Year!

Team HR

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