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Life at SACPL

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At SACPL  we have the following culture embedded:

Team bonding and spirit while handling any challenge on professional and personal front at the same time Rejecting Group-ism and discrimination


Professionally managed company where every individual work towards perpetuity of the company and growth of the company. 

Computational Engineering is the new trait we are imbibing at SACPL and we expect incoming new members to be exited about this opportunity.

At SACPL. employee network group, strives to achieve gender equality, multicultural employee retention of staff of all backgrounds, promotes cultural awareness 

Early Careers

We believe in fostering and grooming the next generation of engineers with a focus on innovation.
We don't simply hire employees, we invest in them.


Learning and Development :

Encouraging like-minded engineers to come on board and assisting young deserving engineers to take on greater responsibilities and succeed. in true scene "SACPL is Land of Opportunists"

Expansion of knowledge and changes in the way industry operates continuous learning throughout our careers. SACPL's core value, “We compete with our-self and challenge people to grow” is our commitment learning  Continuously. LMS system which offer support to everyone at the firm.

Work from home is what  all of have experienced in last couple of months, but at SACPL we want to make "walk to work" a way of life. This will ensure that we are able to work more efficiently and maintain work life balance.

work from home

the new normal

Brief description:

SACPL had started work from home from 16th March’2020, way before the government announced a lockdown on 22nd March’20.

All our teams were able to adapt to the new normal within a week itself since we already had a work-from-home option which was taken by people when needed. Amidst this, optimum care was taken that the data of the client is secure with the help of our competent IT team.

Site inspection is done from 8th June’2020:

Carrying out site inspection through WFH has many challenges, hence our site team visited site as & when possible. However, due to government restrictions & containment zones, the site team was able to reach all the clients for the slated inspection of the construction activity by collaborating with the site supervisor via video calls & asking questions. We thereby made sure that the inspection of construction activity is done within the scheduled timelines.

The current state of Pandemic & Office policy for people’s safety:

At SACPL the safety & health of the team is paramount and of utmost priority. Hence in that context, we have asked all our teams to continue working from home & prefer to do virtual meetings to solve issues, answer queries technical discussions, etc. With Digital Transformation and Automation we have & will continue to achieve the same productivity as working from office space.

Successful jobs won & delivered in the year 2020-2021:

The list of projects which are successfully designed/delivered in the year 2020 can be summarized as follows:

* Design of Viaduct and Stations

* Design of commercial Tower with a 106m Long Cable stay bridge.

* Design of 67 Levels tall Residential project.

* Design of 35L  sqft for Housing scheme for PMAY.

* 10+ stores for a popular brick & mortar retail chain at various locations PAN INDIA.

* Design review of ~80.0-meter tall tower.

* Design of Chemical plant of 20.0 m tall with LL of 2.0 T/m2

* Generating Revit model's up to LOD 400 for Tunnel, Viaduct, and metro stations for an international PMC.

* Design of 64 levels residential tower for a corporate Pharma client in Mumbai

Advantages & salient points of Work from Home:

With all the Architects, Consultants, partners well versed with virtual meetings it has proved to be a boon since technical discussions, brainstorming & resolutions are possible on the call itself which can be arranged at very short notice, unless the situation demands a visit. This has taken away the barriers of time deployment as every one is available from their very own place to discuss and arrive at a conclusive resolution.

End Note :

Our organization has always pushed agility as a core quality within the employees. Today, we are proud that say that it was effortless for us to manage employees during this covid-19 wfh situation.