What we do

SACPL is a multi disciplinary company that provides leading edge and value engineering services, Project management advisory expertise coupled with cost and economics advice. SACPL also provides value added services like Quantity estimation, Bar bending schedules , Third party inspections etc.

SACPL takes projects from the Concept inception stage to implementation. The firm handles a wide and diverse set of projects, including High rise buildings, Institutional building, Industrial projects, International projects

SACPL’s team of experts bring a proven and successful interdisciplinary approach to each assignment, providing services in many different segments and facets of the Civil and Structural engineering business, including  project design and strategic planning and execution details , competitive bidding ,

It also provides training services to Contractors for design and build projects  across the world.

SACPL has a long and well established reputation in the development and implementation of advanced methodologies and models, software and systems to support the ever changing business environment