When I passed out from my college, one thing came into my mind is to gain my technical knowledge. SACPL gave me   the best opportunity to grasp more technical skills and knowledge in a very short time.The company is very  beneficial for a fresher (Engineer), who can develop their skills and technical knowledge.This company helped me   to   build my     confidence level as well as given a strong base at the initial stage of my career, which was  the turning  point in my career. The company atmosphere is very friendly and they treat employee (member) as a  family member.I feel very proud to be member of this organization.
Abhishek Prakash Waghmare

 SACPL Uses Advance software to design structures and have very qualified and supporting staff and they are very Hard  working people.The atmosphere is good. Great R&D is done by the teams. Company management and  teams are not  biased. Company gives 3 months training to new joinees and Freshers. It also provides training to senior engineers whenever it is required. Company has many experienced senior management team members like technical director and  chief engineer design. So junior engineers and senior engineers get good advantage to solve technical  issues. Company  gives loan whenever team members requires when they need financial support. Company gives you  a chance to solve so many different  type of structure to engineers it grows his own capabilities and increase his  experience towards different type of structures.

 Istiyak Haradwala

  Company growth graph is good as compared to other companies at this stage. Good working environment, good  management & organization,  always motivate employee for self growth, good team Work.

 Jitesh Patel

   I started my career as a Jr. Design Engineer in SACPL. In the last couple of months, I have been getting  tremendous  support from my  seniors & my colleagues which is very essential at this initial stage. I am very grateful to the  organization for making me a part of this team.

  Hima Thomas

   I am working in this firm from last 5 years. The most liking part is training a fresher and juniors to grow,  giving  opportunity to build competencies. It has friendly working environment.

  Parvez Khan

   I have joined this company as fresher, after joining I have learned many things which helped me in my professional life.   I am satisfied with my job profile and working culture of SACPL. I get appropriate praise and recognition from my   superior for my work just because of our professional relationship. Here I get new and challenging opportunities   and training which may not be available in any other company. In SACPL my superior appreciates my views and participation in every project.

   Prasad Thakur

   I am actually obliged for getting this opportunity and thank this company. I have been an employee of this company   for 4 long years. SACPL is the only firm responsible for giving me a position what I hold today in my field. I did not  know any of the engineering software when I joined SACPL. Each & every software which I know today, I owe it to  SACPL. All my designing concepts got cleared in these 4 years of design experience. I would like to thank Mr. Nikhil  Shanghvi who has always been extremely supportive. Engineering degree is what I got from Rizvi college of  Engineering but today I call myself a Design engineer only because of this prestigious firm  SACPL. This firm had given  me a good environment to work & also equal opportunity to prove myself. Today I understand this firm better  because i see the clear difference in the way of working of SACPL & the company that I am working in. SACPL certainly  stands alone & preserves its name in the market today. I certainly miss this company a lot.

   Vijay Gargula